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From darkness to light

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From ignorance to enlightenment”…

Jammu and Kashmir, the value of beauty and one of the nation’s most beautiful places has been a constant source of attention. Whether it be insurgency or the dispute with our neighbors, the people who have suffered are the citizens of this pretty land. Courtesy the widespread disturbance, this state has lagged behind the rest of the nation in terms of a lot of developmental spheres. Half-hearted governmental developmental projects have resulted in some infrastructure being created but no continuation of the schemes. Children are always the hope for the future, and making them educated and worldly wise will ensure progress and development in any place. With this in view, Army Goodwill Schools were set up in the entire State under aegis of Indian Army Sadhbhavana which are providing quality all round education to the masses. Army Goodwill School in Bandipora, the land of Alim, Aadab and Aab was established on 12 April 2004 with just 7 students and school was upto 1st standard only. The school has grown by leaps and bounds and now houses 412 students and provides quality education till Class IX. It is now one of the premier educational institutes of the district and is ensuring the development of some bright young minds in the district.